The Julie Mack Trio or Quartet (or an ensemble of any size from duo to large group) presents swinging jazz, blues, and American Songbook standards, with French, Brazilian and Latin songs adding international flair to Julie's signature blend, ideal music for private events, clubs, restaurants and festivals, including shows at the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival and Twins Jazz.  Currently, the Julie Mack Trio performs regularly at Bistrot Lepic & Wine Bar in Georgetown and at Les Folies Brasserie in Annapolis, Maryland.  Tracks from the Quartet's EP, "The Sweetest Sounds" are available for listening at right.

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Recording date

Heading to Blue House Productions in Silver Spring to begin recording my second jazz & Brazilian CD with my quintet!


Julie's "Dream"-Themed Listening Hour

Zoom Event

My inner DJ and scholar emerges as I curate a listening hour of an eclectic range of music and text loosely emanating from the theme of "dreams" -- for Ayelet Rose Gottlieb's Orchard of Pomegranates Patreon group.